Biometrics and Face Recognition System

  • Project by : Techsol
  • Date : December 14, 2018
  • Skills : Python/AI

Project description

The software is capable of detecting and recognizing multiple faces on a run time without Lagging. It can be run with all type of cameras whether it is a webcam or a CCTV. System Allow user to add more faces in a database. The intelligent algorithm extract features of a face and store in a text file so that software has not to load heavy data every time. System is capable to flag specific person as an intruder. Whenever an intruder is recognized by the software it will alert and make a backup with an image of data set combined with an image taken at the moment with a exact time and can be used for assurity purpose.


  • Multiple face recognition at a time
  • Accuracy up to 90%
  • More users can be added after installation
  • Minimal false recognition
  • Intruder Alert
  • Portable software
  • User friendly

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