Lab Management System

Project description

Laboratory Management System (LMS) is web software along with Android/IOS mobile applications based solution with features that support a modern laboratory operations. Key features include__but are not limited to__workfolw and data tracking support, flexible architecture and data exchange interfaces, effectively manage samples and associated data. Which fully support its use in regulated environments.

Key Features

  • Multi-user login
  • Quick access
  • Multilingual (English, German, Turkish)
  • User-friendly Layout
  • Easy to operate and performs multitasking functions
  • Stock management
  • Price management
  • Gross profit reports day/week/month/year wise.
  • Stock transaction analysis (short & excess stock values)
  • Employees management (clock-in, clock-out)
  • 100% data security and accuracy
  • Auto data backups and recovery options
  • 0% chance of manual mistakes
  • Invoice
    • Add test invoice
    • Invoice report
    • Manage invoice
  • Patient reports
    • Create report
    • Custom report
    • Update report
    • Manage uploaded report
    • View uploaded report
  • Test category
    • Test category
    • Manage test category
  • Manage test category
  • Subtest category
  • Manage sub-test category
  • Add particular
  • Doctors
    • Add doctor
    • Manage doctor
  • Total expenses
    • Add expenses invoice
    • Add expenses category
    • Manage expense category
  • General setting
    • Settings
    • Add admin/operator
    • Manage admin/operator

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