Restaurant Point of Sale

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Project description

Restaurant point of sale is capable of taking customer order, perform cards transaction and track inventory simple stock management system, and report monthly stats in the current or other years. It helps to eliminate wastes supplies and will let you increase efficiency at work. RPOS for restaurant help in taking important business decisions by providing detailed sales report, inventory report and order reports as well as table ordering and recipe management.


  • QR-code scanner /save scan history/bulk mode like in shop/share scan result immediately.
  • Multiple invoice at the same time
  • Multiple user login with authentication
  • Multiple language
  • On screen keyboard
  • Multi User login/logout
  • Quick items scanning
  • user friendly Main screen
  • Easy checked out, refunds and returns
  • Terminal views for admin and cashiers
  • Items discount function
  • sales and purchase reports
  • supplier and order
  • Inventory Managements
  • Zero percentage chances of manual mistakes best relationships with customers

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